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Adit Jindal

Developer + Innovator, Entrepreneur, Musician, Volunteer, and Leader

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Hello World!

I am Adit Jindal, currently a Masters student at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, USA. I have a passion to create a lasting impact on the world through my computer science skills. My industries of passion include finance and healthcare. To learn more about my unique skillset see my skills section.

Apart from coding, in my free time, I love composing music through piano and guitar, playing golf, and learning and investing in the stock market.

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Past Experiences

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Technical Skills


Android dev, SpringBoot, JavaFX


PyTorch, Pandas, Numpy, Django, Jupyter Notebook


React, React Native, d3.js, Node.js, MERN stack


SQL, R, SAP HANA, MySql, Firebase


Smartcontract dev, auditing, NFT dev


IOS dev


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Uncovering the Best Mode of Transport: Travel Time analysis

Designed a ML based application to compare travel times of taxis, ubers, and bikes in NYC

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Stock Price Prediction using Differential Equations

Used 1st, 2nd, and 3rd order accurate ODEs and SDEs to predict stock prices of SP 500

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Adapted lbl2Vec unsupervised learning model for multiclass labeling. Model was used for automatically segregating restaurant reviews based on predefined topic lists

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Created an NFT based online marketplace (Automatic Market Maker) to sell college class seats based on Ethereum using Solidity smart contracts.

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NoteCash is a expense tracking web application with basic addition of expenses and income. It also has a history to check past additions. The web-app also supports authentication with Google and JWT. The application is a full-stack MERN.

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A react native based mobile application that helps in easy class registration and networking. It solved the problem of finding information on various classes by consolidating data from websites like Rate My Professor and Course Critique. Further, it has a database of students with information like hometown, activities involved in, etc. Other students who want information about college in general or some specific clubs can ask to talk to them.

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Easy Calculator

Android application to quickly convert various niche measurement units like local Indian land measures.

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